Mobile therapy in your home

Mobile therapy is for people who are not home-bound but would prefer to receive in-home care.

You do NOT need a referral for in-home care in order to receive in-home therapy through our “mobile therapy” services. Mobile therapy services can be used when you need in-home care for specific services but you are not considered home-bound and therefore do not have a referral for home health care. However, most insurances will require that you have a referral for physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech therapy in order to receive care for those services and for the care to be covered.


The following services are offered through mobile therapy:

  • Covered by Medicare

    Mobile therapy offered in your home is covered by Medicare at potentially no extra cost to you.

  • For Non-Homebound Patients

    In order to receive mobile therapy in your home, you cannot be considered home-bound. If you are considered home-bound, you can receive in-home care through our traditional home health services.

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