Botes Memory Method capstone project

Sira Botes Wins Prestigious Occupational Therapy Award

The National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) recently announced the winners of the 2023 Innovations and Impact Awards. The awards are given annually to OTRs or COTAs whose methods demonstrate an effective and innovative approach to care that enhances the lives of their patients. Concierge Home Care’s Sira Botes was among the winners recognized and received an Innovation Award for the development of the Botes Memory Method program.

Sira’s passion for dementia care started with her grandfather who suffer from dementia. His condition deteriorated progressively over the course of his final two years until he was bedridden and could no longer recognize family and friends. The impact of this experience, as well as the fact that her mom currently lives with mild Dementia with her dad, as the primary caregiver, inspired her to develop the Botes Memory Method.

The non-pharmacological clinical method uses a new approach to cognitive analysis with an emphasis on function. It demonstrates that early signs of dementia and slight declines can be effectively identified. Sira identified five stages of cognitive decline and associated each one with a flower level to simplify teaching and intervention. The resulting Memory Bouquet™ is the unique staging system that consists of the Lily, Daisy, Violet, Rose, and Bouquet levels. The flower levels allow everyone involved in the care of a person living with dementia to have a universal language. Each level receives a different therapy protocol that engages the patient in meaningful activities designed to elevate their quality of life.

The Botes Analysis of Functional Cognition is now widely used by most of Concierge Home Care’s occupational therapists and includes clinical pathways for all clinicians involved in the care to assist persons and families living with dementia. Since it was first developed in January 2019, over 70 Concierge Home Care team members and assistants have been trained in the Botes Memory Method as well as over 1,200 external care partners. The program is currently elevating the standard of care in 25 partnering senior living communities and has touched over 2,500 patients.

Find more information on this amazing achievement on the National Board of Certification in Occupational Therapy website, or watch the ABC (WCJB) news story.