Questions about home health care referrals?

I have a referral

If you have a referral for home health care, you’re all set. We’ll coordinate with Medicare or your insurance company to ensure that your benefits cover home health and get your treatment plan set up asap! Call us today to get started.


I don't have a referal

If you don’t have a referral for home health care, we can try to help you get one from your doctor. If your doctor will not write a referral for home health because you are not confined to your home, we may still be able to come visit you for certain types of “mobile” in-home therapy.


Need help getting a referral for home health care for you or a loved one?

We can help!

Medicare along with other insurance plans do require that you have a referral from a physician to utilize a home health care service like ours. If you are home-bound and have trouble leaving your home, your physician will typically agree that you will benefit from home health care and write you a referral. After you receive a referral for home health, we will build a customized treatment plan and coordinate with your insurance to ensure you are covered.

If you need help getting a referral from your primary physician, we may be able to help. Call us today to learn more and get the referral process started.

Can't get a home health referral?

Our mobile therapy provides in-home care.

You do NOT need a referral for in-home care in order to receive in-home therapy through our “mobile therapy” services. Mobile therapy services can be used when you need in-home care for specific services but you are not considered home-bound and therefore do not have a referral for home health care. However, most insurances will require that you have a referral for physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech therapy in order to receive care for those services and for the care to be covered.

Mobile therapy is available for:

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