In-Home Care

In-Home Health Care for Seniors

Providing care for our loved ones as they age can be difficult without the help of skilled medical professionals. When the time comes to seek out medical help, there are a lot of options we consider including a nursing home, adult day care centers, retirement facilities, and home health care. The challenge that goes along with figuring out if your loved one has insurance and whether care services are covered or not may be daunting. In addition, there are the challenges of obtaining the right referrals as required by the insurance company and the question of whether or not there are living facility openings available for your loved one. Seeking care with at-home services could be the ideal solution as it provides a skilled medical care team and similar services to what your loved one would get in an assisted living facility. The main difference with senior home care is that they will receive care in the comfort of their own home with little change to their daily living. From in-home physical therapy to incontinence care, we provide your loved one the opportunity to age in place for as long as it is safe.


Paying for in-home health care

We know it can get confusing dealing with insurance companies, benefits, co-pays, and all of the other nuances that come along with healthcare. We’re here to help. Give us a call and we’ll help you navigate through the complexities of your benefits and ensure that you have the proper referral paperwork from your physician so that your in-home care services are covered.


A few reasons to consider in-home health care for your loved one:

“I’m worried about the safety or well-being of my loved one at home.”

If you’re concerned about your loved one falling, having an emergency and not being able to reach out for help, or just not being able to personally care for themselves, in-home health care may be right for you.

“I am concerned my loved one has become weak and has not been able to participate in their regular activities.”

After illness or hospitalization, it is common for an older adult or senior to lose strength, energy, and have impaired balance. They may also struggle to take care of post-hospital conditions. Our team of healthcare professionals can help them get back to living healthy and safely at home.

“My loved one needs medical help but is resistant to an assisted living facility.”

To most, the idea of moving out of the home they’ve lived in for a long time is difficult to accept. While it may seem like accepting help is the hurdle, sometimes it’s not so much about someone providing elderly care, but more about accepting large changes in life such as moving to a new home. Private home health care can provide the opportunity for your loved one to be cared for by skilled healthcare workers and home caregivers without the need for additional abrupt changes in their lives.


A few of the many benefits of in-home health care for seniors:

  • Comfortable: Our patients associate our home with comfort and independence.
  • Customizable: We tailor custom treatment plans to the needs and conditions of our patients.
  • Cost-efficient: We accept Medicare and many other insurance plans that allow for a very affordable in-home treatment plan.


Learn more by reaching out to a home care provider with a location that services your area.


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