Risk of Falling

Injuries around the home are quite common as we age. It can be something as simple as slipping on a wet spot on hardwood floor or tripping over something left on the floor. The results of these falls are more critical for seniors as they are often more frail and susceptible to broken bones, fractures, and other injuries. Additionally, as we age, there is a higher risk of falling due to slowed reflexes, weakened muscles, worsening eyesight, imbalance, and hearing issues.


Ways to reduce your risk of falling

Exercise: Staying physically active (to the best of your abilities) will help with weakening muscles as well as improve balance.

Clothing: Wear shoes that have heels and ideally rubber soles. Don’t walk around in socks or slippers without traction unless you are walking on carpeted flooring. Be careful of “lounge” pants or dresses that fall below your ankle line as it is easy to trip on fabric that hangs close to the floor.

Medications: Ask your home care provider or primary doctor about the medications you are on and whether they may increase your risk of falling. If the medications do increase your risk of falling but are required for your condition, plan ideal times to take your medication so that you do not have to walk around while the effects are taking place.

Eye and ear testing: Ideally, you should have your eyesight and hearing tested often so that you are aware of your inherent risk of falling due to these issues. If you wear glasses, get one of those cords for around your neck so that your glasses are always nearby for when you’re walking. If you wear a hearing aid, be sure you always have it in when moving around your home and when outdoors.


Home care to reduce your risk of falling

While you may be at a greater risk of falling due to some of the factors mentioned above, this often does not mean that you need to move to an assisted living facility or other form of senior home. Home care allows you to continue to live in the comfort of your home while skilled nurses and other healthcare professionals help ensure that you are safe and healthy. This can include in-home safety assessments, medication management, and much more. Contact us today to learn more about how in-home care for seniors can help reduce the risk of injury due to falls.

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