Transitional Care Services

In-Home Transitional Care Services

The term “transitional care” can refer to many different things. Essentially, it is designed to help seniors transition from one type of care to another or from one physical environment to another. The majority of our transitional care revolves around two types of transitions:

  1. Transitioning from the hospital to home
  2. Transitioning from home to an Assisted Living Facility, Skilled Nursing Home, or someone else


Transitioning from the hospital back home

If you or a loved one has been admitted to the hospital, transitioning back home after hospital discharge can be difficult for a few reasons. While many seniors are happy to get out of the hospital and back into their own comfortable environment, there are often many new procedures, safety considerations, and more that need to be addressed upon being discharged from the hospital. In-home health care is available to help in many of these areas including, but not limited to:

  • helping seniors transition safely back home after hospitalization
  • help understanding their medication needs and schedule
  • assistance schedule and getting to doctor’s appointments
  • much more


Transitioning from home to a facility

If you or a loved one is at a point in life where it makes the most sense to have partial or full-time medical care and home health care is no longer an option, an Assisted Living Facility or Skilled Nursing Facility may be the next step. In these cases, in-home care services offering transitional home health can help prepare seniors for what’s to come including:

  • ways to adjust to their new normal
  • understanding and dealing with new risk factors
  • minimizing the risk of falling in a new environment
  • getting used to new daily patterns


In both of these scenarios, we can send a qualified clinical care team member to your home or hospital to help with your transitional home care. Our team can even provide safety evaluations, identify risk factors, and create a plan to avoid or remove risks that could put our patients in danger.

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