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The Botes Memory Method was developed by Sira Botes, an occupational therapist with a passion for persons living with dementia and memory loss inspired by her personal story

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The mission and vision:

In light of the dementia epidemic, it is now more important than ever to create a resource for families living with dementia and our healthcare partners that will impact day-to-day living in a meaningful way. The Botes Memory Method combines an innovative cognitive assessment tool with a communication platform for families and healthcare partners. With Botes Memory Method, functional and training are provided based on five cognitive levels, represented as flowers.

The story of Botes Memory Method:

Sira Botes, OTR/L CHT CDP, created the Botes Memory Method after experiencing the loss of her grandfather to dementia after 2 years of being bedridden and not recognizing friends or family. She has seen the devastation not only in her own family but also in the families she has worked with for the past 26 years. This inspired her to develop the Botes Memory Method through her role as an occupational therapist and her highly analytical mindset.

Through utilizing a new approach to cognitive analysis with an emphasis on function, she was able to demonstrate that early signs of dementia and slight declines can effectively be identified. Sira created the Memory Method to express cognitive decline as 5 different flower levels for more simplified teaching and intervention. The Botes Analysis of Functional Cognition is now widely used by our occupational therapists to assist our persons and families living with dementia.

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Videos about Botes Memory Method

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    Healthy Life, Healthy Mind (Part 1)
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    Healthy Life, Healthy Mind (Part 2)
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    Healthy Life, Healthy Mind (Part 3)

The benefits of the Botes Memory Method:

Improving quality of life for people living with dementia

Decreased burden of care for family and healthcare partners

Provide a personalized and unique care plan for everyone involved in day-to-day care

Maintain personal connection and communication with your loved one

Connecting people living with dementia with meaningful and engaging activities to retain cognition

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