Wound Care

In-Home Wound Care for Seniors

Our specialized home health wound care nurses are here to provide in-home wound care for our patients. Our healthcare professionals will provide wound care services at home to help reduce complications related to complex wounds, build treatment plans to promote faster wound healing, and reduce chances of infection – all while allowing you or your loved one to remain in the comfort of their home.


In-Home Wound Care Services

Our licensed and highly trained nurses will perform a wound assessment and customize a specialized proper wound care treatment plan for:

    • Burns
    • Pressure ulcer
    • Surgical wound
    • Future wound prevention
    • Healing time expectations
    • Pain management
    • And more


Reasons for needing wound care:

You or a loved one may need to consult with a professional wound care specialist if experiencing any of the following:

  • Wounds that are not healing or have not improved in over two weeks
  • Non-healing wounds that have worsened over time
  • Complex wounds
  • Conditions that make it challenging to adhere to your wound care at-home treatment plan

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