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In-Home Medication Management

Many seniors end up with multiple pill bottles and potentially various pillboxes lying around their home. Adding to the confusion, sometimes multiple medications are prescribed by different doctors and filled by an array of pharmacies. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 300,000 people each year end up in the hospital as a result of adverse effects caused by prescription medication. With proper in-home medication management, we can help avoid an adverse drug event, keep our loved ones safe and out of the hospital.


Here are some issues that can arise from not having proper managing medication management:

Dangerous drug interactions: It’s important to ensure that the medications our loved ones are taking do not have any adverse drug interactions when taken together. Sometimes, as we age, we may forget to tell a physician or specialist about every medication we’re currently taking – which opens the door for that doctor to prescribe something that may not be safe to take with another medication they were unaware of. Effective medication management services by medical professionals who visit your home can help ensure that we don’t mix medications that could have harmful effects when taken together. Medication management for seniors is especially important because they may not be able to manage, organize, and coordinate their current medication as they grow older.

Frailty: When prescribed multiple medications, it’s possible that our risk of serious injury as a result of falls is increased. In addition, taking medications that may alter our mental state or relax muscles can actually make it more likely that we fall. This is a dangerous combination; as we increase our risk of falling, we also increase the likelihood that the fall could lead to a more serious injury like a fractured hip.

Early termination of treatment: Whether intentionally or unintentionally, older adults may decide to end their treatment plan earlier than their healthcare provider intended. In addition, they may forget to refill prescription medications on time, take the wrong dose, or ignore medical advice altogether. Having a medical professional in-home who can help explain the importance of adhering to the prescribed medication plan will help ensure our loved ones don’t suffer any consequences as a result of mismanaging medications. Medication management through in-home health care services will help prevent your loved one from any confusion surrounding their medications.


Who would benefit from in-home medication management:

  • Patients with a complex medication regimen or polypharmacy
  • Patients with mild cognitive impairment or deficits
  • Caregivers who are the primary support for others
  • Anyone who spends time sorting medications


Highlights of our in-home medication management program:

  • Monthly medication reconciliation by a pharmacist
  • 30-day supply of pre-dosed medications delivered monthly
  • Doorstep delivery means no waiting in line at pharmacies
  • No additional cost to the patient

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